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plus size clothing

Ulla Popken Sleeveless Pleat Detail Chiffon Dress

  • split neckline
  • sleeveless
  • drawstring waist
  • flared pleated skirt
  • 100% polyester
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  • Style No: 817114100

Further information:

The Black Sleeveless Pleat Detail Chiffon Dress is a stunning and versatile garment that effortlessly blends sophistication with a hint of playful charm. Crafted from 100% polyester, this dress not only ensures a lightweight and flowing feel but also exhibits durability for a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

The dress begins with a split neckline, a distinctive feature that adds a touch of modernity to the overall design. The split neckline elegantly frames the collarbone, creating a flattering and alluring effect. This neckline detail offers a hint of understated glamour, making it a perfect choice for various occasions.

Sleeveless in design, the dress embraces a sense of airy grace, providing comfort while showcasing the shoulders and arms. The sleeveless silhouette adds versatility, allowing for easy layering with a chic blazer or cardigan for a more polished look or letting the dress shine on its own during warmer weather.

A drawstring waist defines and accentuates the figure, offering a customizable fit that flatters various body shapes. The drawstring detail not only adds a touch of casual elegance but also allows the wearer to tailor the dress to their preferred level of cinching, creating a silhouette that is both comfortable and stylish.

The highlight of this dress is the flared pleated skirt, which exudes a timeless and feminine charm. The pleats add movement and dimension to the skirt, creating a playful and flirtatious vibe. The flared silhouette enhances the overall grace of the dress, making it suitable for a range of occasions, from casual outings to more formal events.

Crafted entirely from polyester, the dress features a chiffon fabric that provides a delicate and ethereal quality. The lightweight nature of chiffon ensures a flowing and graceful drape, enhancing the overall elegance of the dress. The material adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining breathability, making it a comfortable choice for various settings.

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