plus size clothing

plus size clothing

Ulla Popken Black Chiffon Cape Cutout Blouse

  • wide rounded neckline with keyhole cutout
  • sparkling rhinestone detail
  • 3/4 length cape sleeves
  • sheer chiffon over stretch fit jersey
  • Fabric: 95% polyester, 5% elastane
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  • Style no: 825236100

Further information:

The Black Chiffon Cape Cutout Blouse is a stunning and sophisticated piece that seamlessly combines elegance with a hint of allure. Crafted from a luxurious blend of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, this blouse offers both comfort and style in equal measure.

At the forefront of its design is the wide rounded neckline, which exudes timeless charm and sophistication. Accentuating this neckline is a captivating keyhole cutout, adding a touch of intrigue and modernity to the blouse’s overall aesthetic. The keyhole detail offers a subtle glimpse of skin, creating a delicate balance between modesty and allure.

Adding to the blouse’s allure is the sparkling rhinestone detail, which adorns the neckline and adds a touch of glamour and sophistication. The rhinestones catch the light with every movement, creating a dazzling effect that is sure to turn heads and command attention.

The blouse features 3/4 length cape sleeves, which cascade gracefully down the arms, creating a dramatic and elegant silhouette. The cape sleeves add movement and fluidity to the blouse, imbuing it with a sense of ethereal beauty and sophistication. Whether worn for a special occasion or an evening out, these cape sleeves make a bold and stylish statement.

Constructed from sheer chiffon layered over a stretch fit jersey, the blouse offers a luxurious and comfortable feel. The sheer chiffon adds an element of delicacy and refinement to the blouse, while the stretch fit jersey ensures a flattering and comfortable fit. This combination of fabrics creates a striking contrast that adds depth and dimension to the blouse’s overall design.

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