plus size clothing

plus size clothing

Only Carmakoma Leaf Print Shirt Dress

  • V-Neck
  • 3/4 sleeves
  • Tie waist, Full front button fastening
  • Hemline falls at midi length, below knee
  • Regular Fit
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  • 100% Viscose Livaeco by Birla Cellulose™
  • Style No: 15302130

Further information:

The 100% viscose beige midi dress with an enchanting orange leaf print is a sartorial masterpiece that seamlessly blends comfort and style. The fabric, composed entirely of viscose, offers a luxurious feel against the skin while providing a lightweight and breathable experience, making it an ideal choice for various occasions.

The dress features a timeless v-neck design that adds a touch of sophistication and femininity. The neckline frames the collarbone elegantly, creating a flattering silhouette. The midi length enhances the dress’s versatility, allowing it to transition effortlessly from casual daytime outings to more formal evening affairs.

The beige hue of the dress serves as a neutral canvas, allowing the vibrant orange leaf print to take center stage. The artistic foliage pattern, carefully scattered across the fabric, adds a playful and whimsical charm to the overall aesthetic. The orange leaves evoke a sense of nature’s beauty, bringing a touch of the outdoors to the wearer’s ensemble.

To enhance the dress’s adaptability, it comes with an optional tie waist. The tie can be skillfully cinched to define the waist, accentuating the natural curves and creating a more tailored look. This thoughtful detail not only adds a personalized touch to the dress but also allows the wearer to experiment with different styling options.

The midi dress is a versatile wardrobe essential that effortlessly combines fashion and comfort. It can be paired with sandals for a relaxed day out or dressed up with heels and statement accessories for a more polished look. The 100% viscose beige midi dress with an orange leaf print embodies a perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality, making it a standout piece in any fashion-conscious individual’s collection. With its attention to detail, vibrant print, and optional tie waist, this dress is a celebration of contemporary style and natural elegance.

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