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Ulla Popken Navy Long Sleeve A-Line Floral Tunic

  • split neckline
  • partial button placket with decorative pleats
  • long sleeves with roll-up tabs
  • cutout trim details
  • 100% viscose
  • shop jeans (click here)
  • Style no: 825972130

Further information:

The navy long sleeve A-line floral tunic is a captivating and feminine garment that seamlessly combines elegance with a touch of bohemian charm. The deep navy color serves as a sophisticated backdrop, allowing the vibrant floral patterns to bloom and shine across the fabric.

The A-line silhouette of the tunic is designed to flatter the figure with a gentle flare from the bust to the hem. This shaping not only adds a sense of grace but also provides comfort and ease of movement. The long sleeves contribute to the overall versatility of the tunic, making it suitable for various seasons and occasions.

The floral patterns adorning the tunic are a key feature, introducing a burst of colour and nature-inspired beauty. The strategic placement of the floral elements contributes to the overall flow and balance of the design.

The navy background provides a sophisticated contrast to the floral motifs, allowing the blossoms to stand out with vivid allure. The colour combination exudes a sense of timeless charm, making the tunic suitable for both casual and more formal settings.

The tunic’s versatility makes it a wardrobe essential. Paired with leggings or slim-fit trousers, it transforms into a chic and comfortable ensemble for everyday wear. Alternatively, when matched with tights or skinny jeans, it becomes a stylish choice for casual outings or weekend gatherings.

The fabric chosen for this navy A-line floral tunic is likely to be soft and breathable, ensuring comfort throughout the day. Fabrics such as cotton or a lightweight blend contribute to the easy drape of the tunic, enhancing its overall appeal.

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