plus size clothing

plus size clothing

Ulla Popken HYPRAR Lightweight Functional Coat

  • water repellent, lightweight but warm
  • stand-up collar
  • practical 2-way zipper
  • long sleeves with windbreaker effect
  • side slits for comfort
  • 100% polyester
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  • style no: 826326130

Further information:

The HYPRAR Lightweight Functional Navy Coat represents the pinnacle of modern outerwear, blending innovative features with a sleek design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this navy coat is a versatile and reliable companion for those seeking a perfect balance between functionality and style.

Constructed from 100% polyester, this coat embodies durability and easy maintenance. The material’s water-repellent properties make it an ideal choice for unpredictable weather, ensuring that raindrops bead off effortlessly and keeping the wearer comfortably dry. Despite its lightweight composition, the polyester fabric offers remarkable warmth, making it a suitable option for various climates.

The stand-up collar adds a touch of sophistication to the coat while serving a practical purpose. It shields the neck from the elements, providing an extra layer of protection against the wind and cold. This feature not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also ensures that the wearer remains cozy and stylish in adverse weather conditions.

The practicality of the HYPRAR Lightweight Functional Navy Coat is further emphasized by its 2-way zipper. This innovative design allows for versatile styling options and ease of movement. Whether zipped all the way up for a sleek look or partially open for a more relaxed feel, the 2-way zipper adapts to the wearer’s preferences and needs.

The long sleeves of the coat are equipped with a windbreaker effect, enhancing its insulation capabilities. This feature ensures that the arms remain warm and shielded from gusts of wind, making the coat suitable for a range of outdoor activities.

Striking a balance between style and comfort, the coat incorporates side slits for added ease of movement. These slits not only enhance the overall flexibility of the garment but also contribute to a contemporary and relaxed silhouette.

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