plus size clothing

plus size clothing

Ulla Popken Floral Embroidery Sheer Chiffon Blouse

  • night blue
  • scoop neck
  • draped batwing sleeves
  • sheer printed chiffon with textured floral embroidery
  • opaque jersey slip
  • Fabric 100% polyester Fabric 94% cotton 6% elastane
  • shop wide leg trousers (click here)
  • Style no: 826904129

Further information:

The Floral Embroidery Sheer Chiffon Blouse in enchanting night blue is a stunning and ethereal piece that effortlessly combines elegance with romantic charm. Crafted from a delicate blend of fabrics, this blouse features a sheer printed chiffon adorned with textured floral embroidery, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that is sure to captivate attention.

At the neckline, the blouse boasts a flattering scoop neck, which adds a touch of femininity and sophistication to the overall design. This neckline frames the collarbones beautifully, enhancing the blouse’s allure while providing a versatile canvas for various jewelry options.

The blouse features draped batwing sleeves, which cascade gracefully down the arms, creating a sense of movement and fluidity. The batwing sleeves offer a relaxed and airy silhouette, adding a touch of drama to the blouse’s overall aesthetic. With their effortless drape, these sleeves evoke a sense of understated elegance, perfect for both casual outings and more formal occasions.

Adorning the sheer chiffon fabric is a delicate floral embroidery, adding a romantic and whimsical touch to the blouse. The textured embroidery adds depth and dimension to the fabric, creating a stunning contrast against the night blue backdrop. This intricate detailing elevates the blouse, infusing it with a sense of artistry and craftsmanship that is truly unique.

To ensure modesty and comfort, the blouse comes with an opaque jersey slip, crafted from a blend of 94% cotton and 6% elastane. This slip provides coverage underneath the sheer chiffon outer layer, allowing for easy wearability while maintaining a sense of sophistication and elegance.

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