plus size clothing

plus size clothing

Only White Denim Jacket

  • Long sleeves
  • Button closure
  • 2 chest pockets
  • Stretchy material
  • 79% cotton, 20% Polyester, 1% Elastane
  • shop tops (click here)
  • Style No: 15237814

Further information:

The White Denim Jacket is a timeless and versatile piece of outerwear that effortlessly combines classic style with contemporary comfort. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this jacket is a wardrobe staple suitable for various occasions, offering a fresh and crisp aesthetic.

The long sleeves of the jacket provide ample coverage, making it an ideal choice for transitional seasons or cool summer evenings. The length adds a touch of sophistication to the overall silhouette, ensuring that the wearer looks effortlessly polished.

The button closure is a hallmark of denim jackets, providing a secure and customizable fit. The buttons add a touch of vintage charm, contributing to the jacket’s classic appeal. The closure also allows for versatile styling options – whether worn open for a laid-back look or buttoned up for a more structured and polished appearance.

Featuring two chest pockets, the White Denim Jacket not only offers practical storage but also adds an element of utility to its design. The pockets are not only functional but also contribute to the jacket’s aesthetic by providing a subtle nod to traditional workwear.

Crafted from a blend of materials, the jacket exhibits a perfect balance of comfort and durability. The stretchy nature of the fabric, composed of 79% cotton, 20% polyester, and 1% elastane, ensures ease of movement, making it suitable for various activities. The cotton component lends breathability and a soft feel against the skin, while the polyester and elastane contribute to the jacket’s resilience and flexibility.

The white hue of the denim jacket adds a refreshing and clean aesthetic, making it a versatile piece that pairs effortlessly with a wide range of outfits. Whether layered over a casual tee and jeans for a laid-back look or thrown over a sundress for a stylish contrast, the White Denim Jacket is a fashion chameleon that adapts to different styles with ease.

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