plus size clothing

plus size clothing

Only Carmakoma Green & Black Top

  • Boat neck
  • Short sleeves
  • Button fastening
  • Regular Fit
  • 50% Recycled Polyester, 47% Polyester, 3% Elastane
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  • Style no: 15218353

Further information:

The Green & Black Top is a sophisticated and eco-friendly piece, blending style, comfort, and sustainability. Made from a carefully selected blend of 50% recycled polyester, 47% polyester, and 3% elastane, this top not only supports environmental consciousness but also ensures a soft, durable, and slightly stretchy fabric. This composition offers breathability and ease of movement, making it an ideal choice for daily wear.

The boat neck design is a standout feature, elegantly highlighting the collarbone and offering a chic, feminine silhouette. This neckline provides a broader opening compared to traditional necklines, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall look. It’s perfect for both casual and semi-formal occasions, effortlessly transitioning from day to night.

Short sleeves offer a balance between coverage and comfort, making this top suitable for warmer weather or for layering under blazers or cardigans. The sleeves are designed to allow freedom of movement while maintaining a polished appearance.

A practical and stylish button fastening adorns the top, adding a unique detail that enhances its overall aesthetic. The buttons are not only functional but also serve as a decorative element, adding a touch of charm and versatility to the design.

The regular fit of the top ensures a flattering silhouette for various body types. It is tailored to offer a comfortable yet stylish fit, draping gracefully over the torso without being too tight or too loose. This fit is perfect for those who appreciate a balanced look that provides ease and sophistication.

The color combination of green and black is both striking and versatile. The green brings a fresh, vibrant feel, while the black adds a classic, grounding element. Together, they create a harmonious and visually appealing contrast that can easily be paired with a range of bottoms, from jeans to skirts.

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