plus size clothing

plus size clothing

Ulla Popken Layered Wave Print Batwing Sleeve Blouse

  • scoop neck
  • batwing sleeves
  • turquoise
  • sheer chiffon paneling adds an asymmetric feel to this elegant draped silhouette
  • soft jersey lining
  • Fabric 100% polyester Lining 95% viscose, 5% elastane
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  • Style no: 828390456

Further information:

The Layered Wave Print Batwing Sleeve Blouse is a captivating fusion of modern design and feminine elegance, destined to make a statement in any wardrobe. Boasting a scoop neck, this blouse offers a graceful neckline that accentuates the collarbones with understated allure. The scoop neck design adds a touch of sophistication, providing a versatile canvas for accessorizing with jewelry or scarves.

The defining feature of this blouse is its batwing sleeves, which drape effortlessly from the shoulders to create a striking silhouette. With their voluminous shape and airy feel, the batwing sleeves exude a sense of drama and movement, adding a dynamic touch to the overall look. Whether fluttering in the breeze or elegantly draped at rest, these sleeves command attention with their dramatic flair.

In a stunning turquoise hue, this blouse radiates vibrancy and vitality, instantly uplifting any ensemble with its bold color. The turquoise shade evokes images of tranquil waters and sunny skies, infusing the wearer with a sense of serenity and optimism.

Adding an unexpected twist to the design, sheer chiffon paneling introduces an asymmetric feel to the blouse’s elegant draped silhouette. These sheer panels create a sense of depth and dimension, adding visual interest while allowing glimpses of skin for a subtly alluring effect. The asymmetric detailing lends a contemporary edge to the blouse, elevating it from simple to standout with its unique design.

Beneath the sheer chiffon panels lies a soft jersey lining, ensuring comfort and modesty without compromising on style. The jersey lining provides a smooth and comfortable layer against the skin, enhancing the blouse’s wearability for all-day comfort. This thoughtful detail underscores the blouse’s commitment to both fashion and functionality, catering to the needs of the modern woman.

Crafted from 100% polyester fabric with a lining composed of 95% viscose and 5% elastane, this blouse offers a luxurious feel and a flattering drape. The polyester fabric lends a lightweight and breathable quality to the blouse, while the viscose-elastane lining provides stretch and resilience for a comfortable fit that moves with you.

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