plus size clothing

plus size clothing

Paris Zip Detail Blouse

  • free size 14-20
  • short sleeves
  • adjustable gold zip detail with a tassel
  • dipped hem at the front and back
  • 100% polyester
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Further information:

The Zip Detail Blouse is a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe, designed to fit a range of sizes from 14 to 20, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for various body types. This blouse features short sleeves, providing a breezy and relaxed feel, making it perfect for warm weather or layering under jackets and cardigans during cooler months.

One of the standout features of this blouse is the adjustable gold zip detail at the front, adorned with a chic tassel. This functional and fashionable zipper allows you to customize the neckline to your preference, whether you prefer a modest, closed look or a more relaxed, open style. The gold zipper adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the blouse.

The dipped hem design at both the front and back of the blouse adds a modern and stylish element, creating a flattering silhouette that drapes beautifully over the body. This feature not only provides a trendy look but also offers additional coverage, making it suitable for pairing with a variety of bottoms, from tailored trousers to casual jeans.

Crafted from 100% polyester, the blouse is lightweight and breathable, ensuring comfort throughout the day. Polyester fabric is known for its durability and resistance to wrinkles, making this blouse easy to care for and perfect for everyday wear. The material also lends a smooth and polished finish to the garment, contributing to its overall refined appearance.

In summary, the Zip Detail Blouse combines practicality and style with its adjustable zip detail, tassel accent, and dipped hem design. Made from high-quality polyester, it promises comfort and ease of maintenance, making it a versatile piece that can seamlessly transition from day to night, suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

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