plus size clothing

plus size clothing

Only Carbillie Clear Sky Linen Blazer

  • 50% viscose, 35% cotton and 15% linen
  • Regular fit without button closure
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  • Style No: 15293679

Further information:

The Clear Sky Linen Blazer is a sophisticated and versatile piece that embodies understated elegance and relaxed refinement. Crafted from a blend of 50% viscose, 35% cotton, and 15% linen, this blazer offers a luxurious feel with a touch of natural texture, ensuring both comfort and style in equal measure.

The soft, serene hue of clear sky blue evokes images of endless horizons and tranquil vistas, infusing the blazer with a sense of calm and serenity. This refreshing color adds a subtle pop of color to any outfit, creating a versatile canvas for both casual and more formal ensembles.

Designed with a regular fit, this blazer offers a tailored silhouette that skims the body without feeling too snug or restrictive. The absence of a button closure enhances the blazer’s relaxed and effortless vibe, allowing for easy layering and movement while maintaining a polished look.

The blend of viscose, cotton, and linen ensures optimal comfort and breathability, making this blazer an ideal choice for warmer weather or transitional seasons. Viscose adds a silky-smooth feel to the fabric, while cotton provides softness and breathability. Linen contributes a subtle texture and natural cooling properties, making it perfect for keeping cool and comfortable on sunny days.

The lack of a button closure adds a modern and contemporary touch to the blazer’s design, allowing it to be worn open for a laid-back and casual look. This versatile styling option makes the blazer perfect for layering over a simple tee or blouse for a relaxed yet polished ensemble.

Whether paired with jeans for a casual weekend outing or worn over a dress for a more formal occasion, the Clear Sky Linen Blazer effortlessly elevates any outfit with its timeless sophistication and relaxed charm. With its luxurious blend of fabrics, regular fit, and buttonless design, this blazer offers both style and comfort for the modern individual seeking effortless elegance in their wardrobe.

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